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As per ancient scriptures there are three parallel world’s. Come on let us discuss and learn more about them with best symbols, examples .

About 3 parallel worlds

Parallel worlds-Planet earth

Let us understand them with symbol of 3 lines on Shiva linga which we generally see in Shiva temple.

These three lines can be seen on every human forehead when we lift our eyebrows up.

Let us understand about 3 parallel worlds and 3 parallel Universes.

To understand them we need to undertand about world’s of male, female before and after marriage.

Let us consider a couple (wife and husband) male with body M1 and female with body F1.

Let us assume male M1 born in India to parents say P1,P2 and female F1 also took birth in India to some parents say P3,P4.

Let us assume ideal life cycle of human, male M1 and Female F1

Male M1 will under go childhood life,school life, college life, graduation life etc with the help of his parents before marriage. The world of Male M1 consists of his parents P1,P2,his siblings, relatives, friends etc and we shall name the world of Male say W1 and name the Universe of male say U1

Similarly female F1 will under go childhood life,school life, college life, graduation etc before marriage with the help of her parents P3,P4.The World of F1 consists of her parents P3,P4 ,her siblings, her relatives, her friends etc. Let us name the world of female,say W2 and name Universe of female say U2.

and we shall understand that the world W1 and world W2 has no links and Universe 1 and Universe 2 have no link before their marriage.

Let us assume  both male M1,female F1 got married through some matrimony with the help of their parents P1,P2,P3,P4,their relatives etc and marriage life of both male M1 and female F2 starts.

After marriage ,male M1 parents, relatives, friends etc will get in relationship with Female F1 parents, relatives, friends etc. I mean World W1 and World W2 and Universe of U1 and U2 will unite and became relatives with each other.It means World W1 of female units with world of female (W2) to become One world and Universe of male U1 and Universe of female U2 will unite to become One Universe.

Let say after 3 months, female F1 got pregnant with the help of male M1.

Now let us sit in front of Shiva temple and observe Shiva linga.

By observing Shiva linga we can understand that male sex organ is inside female sex organ and above Shiva linga we can see the water pot and we generally call this temple as Gharbagudi(temple inside mother womb)..

This resembles a womb inside Female (F1) womb and after pregnancy baby is surrounded by water which is known as amniotic fluid until baby come out from mother womb.

Generally baby spends 9 to 10 months to come out from mother womb.

From this we can understand that there is another world inside mother womb,world of babies , A universe of babies, let’s name it as World, W3 and World as Universe as U3 and ,W3 is inside the World W 2 and World W1 is outside W2 and Universe 3 is inside Universe 2 and Universe 1 is outside Universe 2.

So above discussion we can understand that there are 3 parallel worlds and 3 parallel Universes exists, World’s W1,W2 and W3 and Universes U1,U2,U3.

The world W1, W2 of male M1and Female F2 present in India and India present on Planet Earth.

Since W3 present inside W2,World 3 also present on earth.After pregnancy, baby come out from mother womb

So from the above discussion we can understand that all the 3 parellel world’s are present on planet earth and we are living in the combination of 3 world’s ,let us name the combination world as W4 and combination of 3 Universes U1,U2,U3 and name the Combined Universe as U4.

So we are all living in the combination world W4 and Combination Universe U4.

This can be understood by sitting and observing inside Lord Venkateshwar temple. We can see symbol on forehead of lord Venkateshwar as U with one namam, vertical line .So from the above discussion we can understand that we are living in one Universe, one world, i.e combined Universe (U4) and combined Worlds (W4).

This we can understand with the Symbol Swastik.

Swastik symbol

The 4 open spaces indicated 4 different worlds and about 4 different Universes like two Flat surfaces of our hands (palm) and two flat surfaces of our two legs. Our hands are hanging and our legs are grounded.

Similarly 2 world’s, 2 universes will be hanging and other 2 world’s, 2 Universes will be in grounded position and 4 world’s are connected like a four Trees(2 world’s,2 universes) connected with each other like an alphabet H and other two (2 world’s, 2 universes connected like Alphabet A . Let A is female and two worlds, 2 Universes are like 2 legs of female and H is male and 2 world’s, 2 universes are 2 legs of a male and A & H are connected like S.

The two earth’s of world 1 and World 2 and connected together at the top and top world ,planet earth(world 3) is like a hanging Tree ,like a alphabet A with roots coming from two other earth’s of world 1 and World 2.

The alphabet A and H are also like numerical number 69(consider 6 as female as womb present and 9 as male) as 9 is the mirror image of 6 when 9 present infront of a pond and Also like Radhakrishna as Radha is the reflection of Krishna when Radha present in front of a pond.

From the chapter Human body at Nano atomic level ,we can understand that there are three types of souls positive, negative and ultimate souls and they are sub divided into harmful and harmless sub souls and inside male body half(1/2 )positive soul of male and half(1/2) negative soul of female will present and inside female body half(1/2) positive soul and half(1/2) negative souls present.

So from discussion we can understand that half(1/2) world’s of W1,W2,W3 present inside male body and inside female body half(1/2) world’s of W1,W2,W3 also present and also combined half universe U4 present in male and other half(1/2) U4 present in female.

The two half (1/4 male+1/4 female) worlds W4 male and W4 female connected together like a letter S. It looks like ,Connecting real womb of female with imaginary womb of male at center. In real womb of female world, W3 present. So in imaginary womb of male W4(combined world of W1, W2 and W3) and Universe (U4) combined Universe of U1,U2,U3 also present.

So generally female F1 will live with male M1 parents after marriage because after pregnancy and after baby born they need to live in World 4(inside imaginary womb of male) and that’s the reason in general only female comes to male family not the reverse.

Let us understand about 3 Universes.

Let us do postmortem for the 3 parallel Universes.

The world 1 of male present on planet earth and legs of male are grounded to earth and world of female F1 is also present on planet earth and legs are grounded to earth. Similarly the world 3 of baby present in W2 but this world is hanging and freely flooting inside mother womb of World W2 and World 3 is not grounded to earth but world 3 (planet Earth) is surrounded by water

So above discussion we can understand that planet Earth present inside World 1,World 2 and World 3 but planet earth is grounded in World 1,World 2 but hanging in World 3.

If we observe our earth from outside say from Moon out planet earth is in hanging position but no water surrounded but baby in mother womb is surrounded by water.

So above discussion we can are living in World 4 (imaginary womb of male) as our planet Earth is floating and no water surrounded and we are living inside Universe 4(combined universe of U1,U2,U3)

Let us discuss about worlds and Universe before male M1 and female F1 before marriage.

Before marriage Male world is W1 and Universe is U1 and female world is W2 and Universe is U2.

The male M1 don’t know about female F1 and about the name and place of birth.i.e about world W2 and Universe U2 of female and vice-versa.

Let’s name the place where male M1 took birth is pitru Loka and the place where Female (F1) took birth is World Manu loka in Universe (U1)of male M1 and the place baby took birth is world Heaven.

As the male don’t know about birth place of female, so there won’t be Manu loka and Heaven in Universe U1 and pitru loka present Universe U1.

Similarly let name the place where female F1 born as Pitru loka and place where male M1 born as Manu loka and place where baby born as Heaven.

As the female F1 don’t know about birth place, name before marriage, then universe of female U2 does have Manu loka, but have pitru loka ,her parents and with Heaven empty ,as no baby born yet.

Let us discuss about worlds and Universes male M1 and female F1 after marriage.

After marriage their World is W3 and Universe is U3.As both male and female know about their names and birth place each other, their Universe U3 have only Pitri loka(both male and female) and Heaven with no people and Universe of male U1 also have Manu loka along with pitri loka and Universe of female U2 also have Manu loka along with Pitri loka and also heaven with no people.

Let us discuss about worlds, Universe of male M1,female F1 when baby male M2 is born from mother womb .

Now the combined Universe of male and female with baby is universe U4 and have pitri loka(W1) (father birth location) , manu loka (W2)(mother birth location) and Heaven(W3) (baby birth location).

From above discussion we can understand that during the beginning of the universe before male M1,female f1 born, planet earth (W0) and Universe U0 is there with empty humans. and when male M1 born planet earth 1 (pitru Loka) and Universe U1 born. and female F1 born, Planet earth 2 (manu loka) and Universe 2 born and when both male M1 and female F1 got married and when female got pregnant and when baby is in mother womb, planet earth 3 (Heaven) and Universe 3 took birth and we all living in combined world’s (W4) called planet Earth and combined Universe (U4) which includes planet Earth, Planet Pitri (Pitru loka), Planet manu (Manu loka) and planet Heaven.

There are three other worlds Vishnu Loka where Lord Vishnu and goddesses Lakshmi resides, and the sources of positive soul, Brahma loka where Lord Brahma and goddesses Saraswathi resides and sources of Ultimate Soul and planet earth where Lord Shiva and goddesses parvati resides and sources of negative soul.

So on planet earth (W0),U0 before humans ,plants, animals etc other species are their along with Lord Shiva and Goddesses parvathi.

So if we observe the present earth,it is a birth place of all plants, animal, birds, reptiles, humans etc all living species.Taking birth as Humans are the punishments of 7 upper worlds people.

So our present planet is W0=W1=W2=W3=W4,i.e our present planet Earth is also called planet pitri, planet manu and planet heaven

As per ancient scriptures Lord Vishnu lives everywere in the Universe and each and every atom and he is in the form of Stone idol in Thirupati. The place where Vishnu lives is known as Vishnu loka. So planet earth is also called Vishnu loka.

From the chapter Human are Brahmas, we can understand that planet earth is also called Brahma loka.

As per ancient scriptures we are all sons and daughters of God.So the present planet Earth is Heaven but the present planet Earth is also called hell because taking birth as animals,birds,reptiles, Humans etc living species on earth are the punishments given by death God for the people of upper worlds.

As per ancient scriptures, there are 14 world’s. 7 upper worlds and 7 lower world’s.The 7 lower world’s are 7 continents of planet Earth and the common world between 7 upper and lower world’s is planet Earth.

From the chapter Planet Earth a tree ,we can understand that we are living in a female cow which is the avatar of parvathi.Universe(A) .As parvathi body consists of 1/2 soul of parvathi and 1/2 half soul of Shiva inside.

By observing the planet earth, Sun,stars etc planets from Space, we can understand that we are just seeing half body, half souls of Cow, i.e in side view we can see only one eye and this is the one Sun ,one earth, one solar system, one Universe of female parvath ,I. e Universe of alphabet A, and there is other side of the Cow ,other half (Shiva half soul) we can see other half body,half soul of cow(avatatar of Shiva, Nandi) , i e Universe H, we have one more sun,one more earth, one more solar system and one more Universe out side of our Universe.

So there are 2 parallel Universe, and humans living inside mother womb of female Cow (female avatar of Parvathi) in which our Planet Earth (Boomi) resides and among 14 worlds ,7 upper and 7 lower world’s as per ancient scriptures, 7 lower world’s are 7 continents on planet earth and out side there is other universe called Nandi (an Avatar of Shiva) in which 7 upper worlds died people on planet earth, i.e human’s fathers, mothers,sons,daughters, forefathers, Brahmas,Vishu’s etc go and live in Pitri loka, Heaven, Manu loka, Vishnu loka, Brahma loka and vice-versa, i.e died persons of above upper 7 worlds, I.e died persons of Brahma Lola, Vishnu loka, manu loka, heaven, pitri loka will come and live on planet earth and the cycle continues.

Conclusion :

So from, the above discussion we can understand that as per ancient scriptures there are 14 world’s, 3 parallel Universes, 3 parallel worlds but in kaliyuga all 3 universes become 1 universe and all worlds become one world,i.e planet earth.

As Brahma lives for 100 years and One day of Brahma consists of 1000 maha yugas (4.32 billion years) and One night consists of another 1000 maha yugas ( 4.32 billion years) .

1 day of Brahma is ruled by Vishnu (4.32 Billions years ) and 1 night of Brahma is ruled by Shiva (4.32 billions years) .

As per present Science, age of present Universe is 13.8 billion years.Which means 1 day(4.32 billion years) , 1 night (4.32 billions years) and 1 day (4.32 billion years) completed and we are in 2nd night of Brahma and we are under Shiva rule.

I.e Lord Vishnu and Goddesses Lakshmi died. As per the rules followed by Souls, if in one life a person born as male then in next life the same person born as female.

So in next life Vishnu will take birth as female (Parvathi) and Lakshmi will take birth as Male (Shiva)

From ardhanarishwara posture we can understand that half body of Shiva is male and other half is female and vice-versa of patvathi.

Our combined One Universe and combined one world divided into two half’s.1/2 in Shiva body and remaining 1/2 in parvathi body.

1/2 Universe (1/4 female parvathi+1/4 male) inside female Cow ( avatar of parvathi) and 1/2 Universe (1/4 male and 1/4 female sub souls) .So our planet Earth is inside parvathi (female Cow) (past life of God Vishnu) womb and we humans are taking air because parvathi is taking air outside like a baby human in mother womb and outside is lord Shiva (male cow Nandi) which is in the form of a invisible Tree .

So in Kaliyuga , all 14 world’s become 1 World (W4) and one Universe (U4).

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