1 Best Aliens |Trees on Planet earth

trees on planet earth

Are we Humans living with Aliens on planet earth ?? Are the trees on planet earth are 1 best aliens?? .let us discover and understand with some examples.

Life of Plants/ trees on planet earth

Trees on planet earth

Difference between plants and humans

1.UnLike Humans, trees don’t have eyes,ears,mouth,digestive system etc.

2. Plants directly utilize sunlight for generating food (photosynthesis) and can live for some1000’s of years.

Humans can not directly utilise sunlight and produce food but indirectly utilise sunlight buy eating plants as food and can live for short span say 100 years.

3.If the plants head,branches(hands),trunk etc cut off they can grow again by themselves but if humans hands and head was cutoff they can not grow again.

4.Humans born from mother womb and so they are mortal being. Where as plants born from a seed and Plants are immortal beings until their roots are cut off.

5. Plants can suck nutrients, water etc from their legs (roots) but humans can not do like this.

6.Plants can grow to big sizes and humans can’t grow to such size.

7.Unlike Humans ,Plants don’t have respiratory system(don’t have Lungs) but they exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

8. Humans breath oxygen and release carbon dioxide during day and night time through out their life times but plants are reverse, I mean they take carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during day time and take oxygen and release carbon dioxide during night time through out their life times.

Comparison of trees with alien in of the Bollywood movie

In the super hit Bollywood movie ‘Koi mil gaya’ hero Hritihik Roshan encountered with extraterrestrial being named Jadoo in the movie.

Aliens on planet earth

In That movie Jadoo alien used to stay alive by utilizing direct sunlight.

When we compare that Alien Jadoo with trees on planet earth, they also utilize direct sunlight for living. ………….Equation 1

If we name the creatures or living beings which can stay alive by utilizing direct sunlight as Aliens like in the movie ‘Koi mil gaya ‘,then we can also name the plants/trees on planet earth as Aliens.

Understanding the plants /Trees at Soul level

There are three types of souls

  1. Positive soul (sn+)
  2. Negative soul (sn-)
  3. Ultimate soul or Brahma soul (sn)

To know more about souls just click the link below “types of souls and soul structure

Humans consists of positive soul (sn+),negative soul (sn-) and Ultimate (sn) in their bodies.

Due to presence of positive soul in their body,they perform good deeds(good Karma) and due to presence of negative soul in their body, they perform bad deeds (bad karma) in their life time.

After death of humans, as the positive soul (sn+) will do good deeds, it will go to Heaven for enjoying and as the negative soul (sn-) will do bad deeds, it will go to Hell and take birth as animals, birds, reptiles etc living beings for taking punishments.

Eligibility of plants/Trees to be in Heaven

As per Ancient scriptures,if a person /human do good deeds, after death the soul present inside them will go to heaven.

We all know that in year 1901 ,Indian Scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose proved that plants are like any life forms/living beings.

Good deeds and bad deeds, About Karma of trees/plants on Planet Earth

Planet earth

If we observe life cycle of trees/plants on planet earth and their karma (work) during their life time,as soon as the Sun arises, they release oxygen by taking carbon dioxide during day time until sun sets,and oxygen is very essential and helpful for humans,animals,birds,reptiles,etc living beings which are dependent of oxygen to live on Planet Earth..

If there are no plants on planet earth, then there is no oxygen. If there is no oxygen all living beings like Humans,animals,reptiles etc living beings on planet earth will die.

Plants don’t have mouth to speak bad words ,for food they wont kill any other living beings like animals,birds,reptiles,humans etc .So if we observe the karma of the plants /trees ,they do only good deeds.Sunlight will be there for 12 hours in a Day. So they perform good deeds 12 hours a day and 365 days a year untill through out their life times.

So from above discussion we can understand that trees/plants are very much eligible to be in Heaven and they consists of Positive soul(sn+) of Dead Human —–Equation 2

1 Example from Ancient Scriptures

The above discussion can also understand with an example from Ancient scriptures.

In Bhagavatha Purana it was written that Manigriva and his brother Nalakuvara were cursed by the sage Narada in to becoming twin trees and later they were liberated by the Child-god Krishna.

So from the above example we can understand that Gods who live in Heaven are transformed into trees/plants on the planet earth.


So From the article “Heaven Location | Ancient Scriptures‘ we can understand that Planet Heaven is located outside the Solar system, even Pluto and from Planet Earth at an average distance of 7423.338 million Kms. ——–Equation 3

So people who comes from another planet were called as Aliens. So from above equation 1,2 ,3 and above example from ancient scripture we can understand that Plants/trees which are present on Planet Earth and the trees which are surrounded by Humans, animals , reptiles etc living beings on planet earth can be called as 1 best Aliens and trees consists of Positive souls(sn+) of dead Human.

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