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god definition-eagle

God definition can be understood by considering some examples which were written in ancient Indian scriptures.

Supreme God definition as per ancient Indian scriptures with 17 best examples .

Considering some examples and incidents from stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata which were written in ancient Indian scriptures and assuming Rakshasa’s or Demons are also equal to Gods because they too have super natural powers.

 The following are the 17 best examples from Ramayana and Mahabharata and understanding super natural powers of God’s and Demons :

  1. In Mahabharata ,Arjuna (who is the spiritual son of Lord Indra) will hit the eye of a bird which is on the top corner of a tree with just one arrow, that power bird Eagle have.An eagle can see even a needle from top of the sky. 
  2. Kumbhakarna who is from demon family in Ramayana can eat for 6 months and can sleep for 6 months, that power animals like camels and animals which go for hibernation have.
  3. Camels can stay with out drinking water for months to gather and animals, birds like Bats etc which go for hibernation can stay without eating for months to gather.
  4. Gods can fly in air, this power birds have.
  5.  Gods can jump from one tree to another tree, this power monkeys and etc have.
  6.  Lord Shiva can store poison, this power snakes have. 
  7. Lord Bhima in Mahabharata (who is the spiritual son of Vayu or Wind God)   and Lord Hanuman (Who is also spiritual Son of Vayu or Wind God) in Ramayana have very high strength , such strength crocodile have when it is in water. 
  8. Gods can live in water, this power fishes and other animals live in water have.
  9.  Gods can go beneath the earth surface, this power trees and plants have, their roots can go beneath the earth surface. 
  10. Gods can stay alive without taking oxygen, this power plants have which take carbon dioxide and releases oxygen in Day time and God’s are powerful during daytime and they are weak during night time.
  11. Animals which live in deep sea like parasites which belong to jellyfish ,coral etc can survive without taking oxygen.
  12. Gods can stay alive without taking water for years. This power living beings like kangaroo rat,desert tortoise, African lungfish, water holding frog etc beings have.
  13. Gods can stay alive without taking food for months and years together.This power animals like Hump Camels (which can stay up-to 2 months), white sharks, Bears ,penguin (up-to 3 months), Hump back whale ,ball python (6 months), scorpion, tortoise, burrowing frog etc (up-to 1 year), crocodile (up-to 3 years), Olm (up to 10 years), Tardigrade (up to 30 years)…. etc
  14. Gods can walk on walls, this power lizards, spiders etc have.
  15. God’s can reduce their body size and can become like ants and can also become as smaller as microorganisms.
  16. Gods can regrow their body parts.This power lizards etc living beings have.
  17. Gods can use Sound power. Similarly Bats etc use sound power. Cats can see even during night times. And so on………,  like this we can give so many examples, but none have same power. 
God definition-Eagle
God definition-Monkey
god definition-hump back camel
god definition-tortoise

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So Supreme God  distributed all his powers to all,I mean for plants, fishes,animals, reptiles, amphibians,birds …etc living beings.Unfortunately Humans don’t have any of the above powers.

But as per ancient Indian scriptures Lord Brahma will write Human’s and all living beings fate.
Actually to write fate one should use brain and that brain power humans have.So,Lord Brahma should have brain for writing humans and other living beings fate

So according to me humans can write their fate, if they use their brain more efficiently..

What is the Supreme being or God definition ??

 God definition As per ancient Indian scriptures can be understand as:

A creature or being having all the powers of plants, animals, fishes,birds, reptiles, amphibians,ants, micro organisms etc living beings,including brain power of all Humans present on Earth is termed as Supreme being or God .

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