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human body male,female

Understanding the Human body at nano atomic level, i.e at soul level. Come on let us understand with some examples from ancient Indian scriptures.

Human body at Nano atomic level

Human body Male ,Female

First Let us understand the human body based on our present Science and later we shall discuss the same at Nano atomic level, ie. At soul level.

Human body as per present Science

Let consider Male body (M1) and Female body (F1).

Let us do postmortem of Male body M1 and Female body F1.

Male body M1 postmortem (observing external body parts )

If we cut the Male body M1 from top to bottom vertically from head to penis into two parts.

By observing the external Body parts, we can understand that two half body parts are like mirror image, like twins. I mean two parts of the body, left body part have half head,half brain,one eye,one ear, half nose, half mouth, half heck, half body, one hand, half penis, one testical, one leg.

Similarly the right part of the body also have half head,half brain,one eye,one ear, half nose, half mouth, half Neck, half body, one hand, half penis, one testical, one leg.

So by observing the external features of two body parts, left side and right side of male body M1,we can understand that they are like twins and they are also like mirror image of each body part.

Female Body F1 postmortem (Understanding external body parts)

If we cut the Female body F1 from top to bottom vertically from head to Uterus into two parts.

By observing the external Body parts, we can understand that two half body parts are like mirror image, like twins. I mean two parts of the body, left body part have half head,Half brain, one eye,one ear, half nose, half mouth, half neck, One breast, half body, one hand, half uterus , one leg.

Similarly the right part of the body also have half head,Half brain, one eye,one ear, half nose, half mouth, half neck, one breast, half body, one hand, half Uterus , one leg.

So by observing the external features of two body parts left side and right side of female body F1,we can understand that they are like twins and they are also like mirror image of each body part.

Male body M1,Female body F1,Postmortem (observing internal body parts)

Observing Internal body parts of Male Body M1

Human Body Skeleton

Observing Skeleton structure of Male body ,M1 and female body F1

Cut the Skeleton structure of male body M1 into equal parts vertically from head to penis & Female body F1 from head to uterus.

We can observe that the parts, left skeleton and right skeleton are like twins and are mirror image to each other.

Observing internal organs of male body M1 and female body F1

By cutting male human body into two equal half’s and by comparing left side major organs with the right side of the major internal organs we can understand that in upper abdomen stomach is missing in right side of the body as Stomach is located in upper abdomen of left side of human body and major liver is located in right hand upper abdomen and small part extend to left side of upper abdomen and left side gal bladder is missing as the gal bladder located right side of the body just below liver and

appendix is missing in left side body parts as it is located in right side below abdomen and heart is located in the middle of the chest, between two lungs and slightly tilted to the left side of the body ,like our planet Earth slightly tilted towards left side as per present Science.

Let us understand about Stomach of human

As per present Science, Stomach of humans contains gastric acid with the pH between 1-3,which plays a prominent role in digestive system by producing digestive enzymes which helps in breaking large chain of amino acids into proteins.

What are Proteins

Proteins are complex and large molecules which play a vital role in human body. They perform most of the work in cells and are required for the function, structure, regulations of tissues and organs of the body. The amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

Human body can not made Essential amino acids.So those should be come by eating food. In the human body liver produces 80% of amino acids where are needed and remaining 20% essential amino acids come from food and proteins does not store genetic information of human.

The two common and special types of proteins are hormones and enzymes. For about functions of proteins click the link.

Enzymes acts as a catalysts in biochemical reactions.The enzymes that help in breakdown substrate are called catabolic enzymes and enzymes that helps in building more complex molecules from their substrates are called anabolic enzymes and they also play vital role in increasing or decreasing the rate of reaction.

Coming to Hormones, they are chemical signaling molecules like controlling a traffic which signals to regulate growth, metabolism, development, reproduction and other physiological process like a traffic police who regulate and directions by red, orange and green light and tells them where to stop by signaling red , where to be ready to grow or develop by signaling orange light and where to go by signaling green light.

Let us understand how digestive system works by clicking the link.

Digestion for humans is important because our body to work properly and to stay healthy, it require nutrients which it gets by eating food and drinking fluids.

Fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, water and minerals are nutrients.

Our digestive system breaks nutrients into small parts which helps our body to absorb and use it for growth, to get energy and for cell repair.

Let us understand about composition of human body

As per present Science, 99% mass of the human body is made up of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, hydrogen and phosphorus and about 0.85% with potassium, sodium, sulphur, chlorine, magnesium and remaining 0.15 % with other trace elements.

As per science, on average 65% of human body mass is made up of water (H2O) and 98.73% of body contains water (H2O) molecules, I. e 1.74x 10^14 water molecules present in human body.

Let us understand how water molecule is produced

A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. But produce water molecule we can’t simply take two hydrogen atoms and stick them onto oxygen atom.

InOrder to produce two molecules of water (H20),one molecule of diatomic oxygen(O2) should combine with two molecules of diatomic hydrogen (H2) and electric energy is released in this process.

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O + 571.6 KJ energy

From above discussion human body on average consists of 1.74 x 10^14 water (H2O)molecules. So for the human body formation 1.74x 285.8 x 10^14 KJ of energy is released.But this energy is trapped inside of our Human body and this can be understood by observing a human baby growing inside mother womb. …….Equation 3

Even though human body consists of 98.73% water ,we humans still drink on average 2 liters of water per day and we take food.

As per science, the number of water molecules present in 1 litre water is 3.345 x 10 ^25

So 2 liters of water contains 6.69×10^25 water (H2O) molecules.So for formation of 2 liters of water 6.69×285.8×10^25=191200×10^23KJ energy is released.

According to agriculture and Food organization of United Nations, on an average minimum 7500 KJ of energy intake is required per person per day to stay alive and healthy.

Then where is the remaining energy of 191200 x10^23KJ released by each human by taking 2 ltrs if water per day on planet earth going??? ………….Equation 1

Let us understand how much our nearest star Sun release energy

As per present Science, our Nearest star Sun which is responsible for life on planet earth releases 3.8 x 10^23 KJ/sec.

So per day (as sun present in day time 12 Hr) =3.8x12x60x60 x10^23=164160×10^23 KJ ……….Equation 2

So from Equation 1 & 2 we can understand that every human releases almost equal energy what we receive from our nearest star Sun and from equation 3 we can understand that human body consists of 478.292 x 10^14 KJ energy trapped inside of our Human body right from our birth and part of energy will be stored inside human body, as human body can’t store that huge energy and remaining energy will come out when the baby come out from our mother womb and become a star in the Universe and we can name it as Birth Star /Janma nakshtra as per ancient scriptures. This part energy will act as a battery which decide the life span of baby.

So from this discussion we can understand that Stars what we see at sky are just the reflection of human bodys internal energy aand we can name it is Soul energy as per ancient scriptures. …..equation 4

When the soul mate of that person M1 took birth in mother womb say F1,then again half star energy is developed in mother womb and part will stored and remaining energy come out when the female baby born and unite with remaining half star of male, M1

so the full star of soul mates M1 and F1 have energy =478.292×10^14 x 478.292×10^14=228763 x 10 ^28 KJ. This energy is equal to 100000 times what energy released by our nearest star Sun per day.

Understanding Death of human body.

Let us name the water (H2O) present in human body as Ganga.Let us consider male body M1 died.

Understanding the dead body

After death the human body is burried in earth or burned.

By burying human body in earth, body will get decomposed with the help of microorganisms etc.

Ganga (H2O) present in human body will dry up during decomposition.

So the water molecule equation,

H2O present in human body break down into H2 and O2 .

I. E 2H2O = 2H2 + 2O2 and energy 576 kJ energy is required to break down 2 molecules of H2O.

From this we can understand that our Human body is designed to undergo self destruction mode after death and again in mother womb human body is kept to undergo self construction mode.

Sources of energy and organs for baby in mother womb will come from mother and womb is connected via embrycal cord.

Understanding the Human body at Soul level

To understand human body at Nano atomic level, that is at soul level, we need to know about types of souls.

There are three types of souls

1.Positive soul (sn+),2.Negative soul (sn-),3.Ultimate soul

To know more about Soul, just open the link below. About Soul structure

Understanding the location of Souls in Human body

To understand Souls location in human body we need to understand what souls are made up of.

The Positive Soul and Negative souls are biochips made of carbon or amino acids atoms and this bio chips designed to store information of what human talk, see by eyed, thoughts etc information. They both can act as Chitragupta positive and negative deeds informers.

Understanding the above by taking small story from Ramayana

In Ramayana at last Sri Ram kills Ravana by striking his arrow into the stomach because his life/pranam is stored in stomach.

Now as per present Science, stomach is the place where digestion of food what we eat in the form of amino acids are break down to form proteins etc nutrients forms which helps for body development and growth.

So from the above discussion we can understand positive soul and negative soul are stored in stomach and travel through out the human body in the form of arteries and veins as the body requires proteins ,fats etc nutrients in the form of carbon or hydrrogen etc atoms which helps for body development ,growth etc.

The Ultimate or Brahma soul acts as energy accelerators or retards and they are similar to hormones and enzymes present in human body.

This Brahma soul stores the knowledge what a human study, learn and experiences of past lifes etc are stored.

The possibility location of this soul is in the human brain ,where the knowledge of human stores It acts as a memory card.

As per present Science, Right Half portion of the body controled by left brain and remaining left half portion of body controlled by right brain.

Considering some stories from ancient scriptures.

Ardhanarishwara Posture And Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna

By seeing Ardhanarishwara Posture of Lord Shiva and goddesses parvathi we can understand that half portion of human body is male and remaining half portion of body is female.

Similarly from Radhakrishna story we can understand that Krishna is reflection of radha when he stands in front of a pond.

SO from this we can understand that water present inside human body will acts as a pond, by observing internal features, if left half of the body is male and right will be female and vice-versa.

And they will be like the numerical number 69(male symbol is 9,female symbol is 6),as 9 is the reflection of 6 if we place it in front of a pond and they are like two batteries of a remote which we use for controlling channels of TV.

Let us consider a male human body M1 and Female human body F1 and they are wife and husbands.

For Male M1 and Female F1,Negative Soul is occupied by entire right side of the body and Positive soul is occupied by left side of the body right from their birth and until their marriage.

These positive & negative souls are sub divided into positive half full and positive harmless souls and negative harm full and negative harm less souls.

The above can be understand by understanding the relationship between Heart and Lungs present in male and female body.

The heart divided into 4 chambers.

The top chambers are left and right atrium which receive blood entering to heart from lung and other body parts respectively.

The bottom both chambers are right and left ventricals which pump blood out from heart to lungs and from heart to other parts of the body.

As per present Science, arteries and veins divided into two types.

Arteries carry oxygenated blood to body cells from heart and deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs for purification of blood.

Similarly veins carry deoxygenated blood from body cells to heart and veins carry oxygenated blood from lungs to heart.

So we have two souls positive and negative souls and those souls are subdivided into two subsouls like arteries and veins.

If we name arteries as positive soul and veins as negative soul, then we can name the right atrium as negative harmful soul and right ventricle as positive harmful soul and left atrium as negative harmless and left ventricle as positive harmless souls.

We name the water present inside human as Ganga. In humans body water present inside in the form of Blood.Blood is carried by arteries and veins.So impure Ganga go to lungs for purification and pure Ganga will get from Lungs and pumped back to other parts of the body with the help of heart.

This Lungs acts like a Tree as the tree produces oxygen by taking carbon dioxide during day time.

Let’s understand souls after marriage

After marriage the souls present inside their body of Male M1 and female F1 I. e half Positive soul of male is shared with half negative soul of female and half negative soul of male is shared with half positive soul of female. To make the resultant neutral (Zero charged bodies ) These is like sharing half heart of male with other half heart of female to become complete one heart .,that why wife and husband will call as better half’s and in Hindu dharma, after marriage, they will Show Arundhati star, A symbolic form of prefect couple.

The like poles attract and unlike poles repel. That the reason as per Hindu dharma, wife will be sit towards the left side of husband. Negative, Negative attracts and positive, positive attracts.

So from above discussion we can understand that inside wife and husband bodies , half positive soul of male and half negative soul of female present inside male body and ,half positive soul of female and half negative soul of male present inside female body like Radhakrishna and like Ardhanarishwara posture of lord Shiva and goddesses Parvathi.

That’s the reason we need to love a girl more in return a male can understand about his heart as the half heart of male present inside female and vice-versa.

Understanding the life of souls after human body death.

As per above discussion the human body is set under self destruction mode after death.

Let the male body M1 died.

As per above discussion, inside male body half positive soul of male and half negative soul of female present.

The half souls which are shared after marriage will be separated from male and female bodies.i.e as the male body dies, the half negative soul of female which present inside male body will come out and unite in female body and half negative soul of male which present inside female body will come out and both half positive soul of male and half negative soul of male will wait to take birth again.

So that female body (F1) have the soul of male(half negative soul) , filled with thoughts of the male person so that female can live with the thoughts,their love life experiences etc and and that soul helps female not to forget about male by remembering those combined love etc feelings.

So the half (1/2)positive and 1/2 negative soul will again have sub souls. 1/4 harm full positive, negative and 1/4 harm less positive, negative sub souls. It means they contain both positive and negative deeds which wife and husband done during their married and before their marriage.

So the the impure Ganga (1/4th negative harmful soul) from male go to hell and pure Ganga (1/4th negative harmless ) from male go to heaven. Similarly the impure Ganga (1/4th positive harm full soul) go to hell and pure ganga (1/4 positive harmless souls) go to heaven.

When Ganga present inside human body, for purification it will go to lungs via heart and lungs acts as A tree for production of oxygen, I means for purification of impure Ganga (impure blood)

But after death there won’t be lungs for it’s purification. So they take the body of trees to purify it’s blood(Soul).

As tress perform good deeds throughout day time ,12 hrx365 days throughout their life time. So trees are eligible to be in heaven.

So after death, souls take the body of a Tree to purify and to perform good deeds and to again qualify for getting a human body.

So 1/4 th negative harmless and 1/4 that positive harmless unite to form a Tree and new life starts after human death.

The remaining souls 1/4th negative harmful soul and 1/4th positive half-full soul unite inside mother womb of animal, bird etc species take punishment and do good deeds by helping humans, helping other species and gain good deeds to become eligible for taking human body.

This souls again unite to take human body only after that tree and animals die.

1 best symbol OM mantra

OM mantra Symbyol

Meaning of 1 best Symbol “OM”

If we observe the symbol OM, we can see the number 3 with a tail at back side and a mud cups with wick and invisible oil and light. From this we can understand that it represents our Indian one rupee coin, like one side heads(3 heads of lion) front and tails(1 tail) indicating one life or invisible wick with oil and light.

And the above Om symbol also tells about three souls like three heads and behind a tail with invisible fire and also represents lord Ganesha face with trunk in front holding the invisible light and Lord Hanuman body with tail holding the invisible light at back as they both are immortal beings.

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