If Moon revolution stop|1 best example


What happens if moon revolution stop around planet Earth. Let us discover and understand with some examples.

Moon revolution Period


Moon Takes 27.3 days to complete one revolution around planet Earth.

1 best example : Impact of moons revolution on Human being

Menstrual cycle in women (female human body)

In Female human body the menstrual cycle length varies from women to women, but on average women get a period in every 28 days.

As per ancient scriptures, It was believed that generation of periods in women is because of moons revolution on planet earth.


Full moon

What happens if moon revolution stop around planet earth

If moon stops revolution around planet earth, then all female human beings(women) on planet earth stop getting their periods.

If all women stop getting periods, then there is no chance for all women on planet earth to get pregnant.

If all women stops getting pregnant ,then reproduction or the humans birth cycle stops on the planet earth.

It means like the animals, birds etc becoming endangered species ,in the same way our Human species or Human race is the verge of endanger,if moon stops rovolving around the Planet Earth.

Possibility of Moon stopping revolution

We can understand this with an example of wall clock.

A wall clock will work, I mean seconds hand, minute hand, hours hand will rotate when there is energy inside battery.When the energy inside battery exhausted, the wall clock stops working.

Similarly for the moon also there is a possibility that energy inside may exhaust.Then there is a possibility of moon stops revolution around planet Earth.

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