Is planet Earth a Tree|4 best examples


Is Our Planet Earth a Hanging Tree. Come on Let us discover with 4 best examples.

Comparison between planet Earth (Tree) and female human body.

Planet Earth A Hanging Tree

1.Up to 2/3rd part of Human body consists of water, similarly up to 2/3 rd part of planet Earth consists of water

2.The outer part of human body is covered by skin in 7 layers. Similarly outer part of planet Earth covered by 7 continents.

3.The outer part of human body covered by skin with hair ,similarly planet Earth covered by land with trees like hair on human body.

4. Female Humans get periods with average cycle of every 28 days due to revolution of moon around Planet Earth.

Similarly due to revolution of Earth around the Sun,Planet Earth also get 4 types of seasonal periods I.e Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn seasons.

So from the above discussion we can understand that only female humans get periods (menstrual cycle) which helps for Humans in sexual way of reproduction of humans babies and similarly planet Earth also gets periods which helps in reproduction in asexual process and in development of babies, i.e from seeds to plants,Trees etc present on planet earth and which they inturn help humans by producing oxygen.

Only a human can give birth to human. A dog can give birth only to a dog. Similarly all animals, birds, reptiles etc. living species can give birth to their respective offspring either by asexual process or sexual process and only a Tree /plant can give birth to respective plant species (as we have different plant species ) when we sow seeds in mother Earth.

So from the above discussion we can understand that Planet Earth helps in reproduction when a seed sow inside by digging some soil on earth and due to revolution of earth around Sun, seasons will produce on planet earth and due to sun light, due to rains etc. helps seeds to grow and come out of the soil and develops into plants/Trees and due to wind pollination will occur and the process continues.

Plant from Soil

We can understand more about planet earth by taking few examples from Business School Book.

4 best Examples

Business School Book, Author : Robert Kiyosaki

As per the Business School book, we can understand that Outer world what we see with our naked eye is just the reflection of inner world and this is obsoletely true.

What we see our outer world /material world with our naked eye is just reflection of our inner world .

According to me all we see outside of our Human body with our naked eye I.e plants, animals, reptiles, etc living species on planet earth are just reflection of our inner world present inside of our Human body because outside world is just reflection of inside world.

Also from the above discussion we can understand that Planet Earth is a hanging Tree and According to me all we see outside of planet Earth with our naked eye, i.e All the stars,planets,galaxies etc. in the Universe ,outside world is just reflection of inner world present on the planet earth and all they are inter connected like a imaginary branches, leaves etc. of the Tree and origin of roots from planet Earth because water present on planet earth and sunlight is sufficient for the plant /tree to grow.

The above can be understood by considering an amazing example from life Lord Krishna in Dwapar Yuga.

Here is the small story of Lord Krishna from his childhood.

Radha Krishna

When Lord Krishna ate mud and when Yashoda asked to open his mouth. When Krishna opened his mouth, he could able to see all planets, stars, galaxies… etc. entire universe in his body and Lord Krishna is just in Human form at that time .

So from the above example we can understand that every inner world of Human body consists of outer world, that is all planets, stars, galaxies etc entire Universe in our Human body.

The above thing can be understood by a most amazing example Shiva lingam in garbha gudi (inside temple)

By Sitting inside Gharba Gudi (temple of Shiva) and By observing Shiva lingam we can understand that two imaginary bodies female and male unite in sexual position and penis of male is inside uterus of female and we can undertand that our Present Universe is present inside mother parvathi womb and there is also copper pot with water hanging above Shiva Lingam.

And opposite to Shiva linga we can see Nandi which is in male form and as per ancient scriptures, Nandi is an Avatar of Lord Shiva.

If we observe Humans, only female humans have Uterus or womb and if we observe pregnant women, outside womb there will be amniotic fluid and If we consider the Whole Shiva temple as female being and inside pregnant female being there is a womb of a baby and our planet Earth, other planets, stars, galaxies etc our present Universe is inside a baby of female being and out side body of female is Nandi (male) ,it’s reflection I mean Male Universe.

The above discussion can be understood with the help of story of Radha Krishna.

From the love story of Radhakrishna we can understand that Radha is just reflection of Krishna when she see herself in a pond which was constructed by Krishna. Which means the Soul of Krishna resides inside the body of Radha and inside Krishna the Soul of Radha resides.

The above discussion can also be understood by the Numerical number 69

If we consider number 6 as female (because it have womb at center) and 9 as male and if we place number 9 in front of pond we can see reflection of 9 (male) as 6(female).

So from the above discussion we can understand that our Universe in which our planet Earth, other planets, stars, galaxies etc. present in female Cow which should be Avatar of Goddess Parvathi and as per ancient scriptures all gods including Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva reside inside Female Cow which should be Avatar of goddess Parvathi and there is another parallel Universe, male Universe and this Universe is present inside male Bull called Nandi., which is the avatar of Lord Shiva as per ancient scriptures .

Conclusion :

So from the above discussion we can conclude that Planet Earth is a Hanging Tree and all the planets, stars, galaxies are inter connected to each other like imaginary branches and leaves of a Tree and the roots grounded to planet Earth and that Tree should be like a imaginary Banyan Tree.

Banyan Tree

And our planet Earth, other planets, stars, galaxies etc. our Universe which we see with our naked eye present inside female Cow womb (which is an Avatar of Goddess Parvathi) and there also exists another parallel Universe called Male Universe present inside male Bull called Nandi, which is also Avatar and vehicle of Lord Shiva.

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