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Is Lord Brahma a human being as per ancient scriptures. Are all humans born from mother womb are Brahma’s and Saraswathi’s ?? Come on let us discover with examples.

Lord Brahma born from Vishnu Navel

Picture 1-Lord Brahma born from Vishnu navel

From above Picture 1, As per ancient scriptures Lord Brahma born from Vishnu Navel and it is attached with a pipe from Lord Brahma navel and Lord Vishnu Navel.

1 best example -Comparison of Brahma‘s birth with Human being birth

1 best example, As we all know that, birth of humans generally takes place from mother womb of female human.

As per science, inside female human body the mother womb is connected by umbilical cord which is connected to the placenta and it is the organ that develops and implants in mother uterus during mothers pregnancy’s.

The fetus in the mother womb receives all necessary life support, nutrients ,oxygen through blood vessels present in umbilical cord and the umbilical cord is connected to the navel of fetus and mother as shown in the Picture 2 below.

Picture 2-Umbilical cord connected to navel of mother

From the picture 2 we can understand that born humans after delivery is connected by umbilical cord which doctors cut after delivery.

In above picture 1 we can understand that, as per ancient scriptures, during birth of Brahma, his navel was connected by a pipe to the navel of the Lord Vishnu.

By comparing Picture 1 and Picture 2 we can understand that Lord Vishnu is in the form of Female human being and that pipe which was connected between Brahma and Lord Vishnu navel is nothing but Umbilical cord.


Umbilical cord of Lord Brahma when cutted from female from of Lord Vishnu

So from above pictures 1 and 2 we can understand that Lord Brahma is a Human and he is born as a male when he took birth from female human form of Lord Vishnu.

From the above discussion we can understand and conclude that all male humans born from mother womb are Brahmas and female humans born from mother womb are Goddess Saraswathi’s.

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