Understanding death of human body | 1 best example

human body death

Understanding the death of human body with best examples from ancient Indian scriptures.

Understanding Death of Human body

Human body death-Burial ground

As per the ancient Indian scriptures, understanding death of human body means separation of soul from body.

On average Human body consists of 65% of water. After death of human body, water present inside body will dry up. If we name water present in human body as Ganga, death of human body means dry up of ganga.

From the previous chapter, Is our planet Earth died 3 times, we can understand that an Atom consists of protons, electrons and neutrons .This proton is Vishnu, electron is Shiva and neutron is Brahma.

In water molecule (H2O), Hydrogen atom doesn’t not contain neutron and oxygen atom consists of protons neutrons and electrons. So Brahma present in Oxygen atom. Along with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva also present in oxygen atom.

When a human being died, water (H2O) separates from body. As water contains protons, electrons and neutrons, it also contain Vishnu ,Shiva and Brahma. As water separate from body by splitting into hydrogen and oxygen gases, after death of human body, Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma separated from Human body.

The above thing can be understood by considering examples from ancient Indian scriptures

It was written in ancient Indian scriptures that there was a discussion happened between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu about who born first, later Lord Shiva emerges from Linga.Later Brahma will travel up to see top of Linga and Vishnu will travel to the bottom in search of end of Linga. This indicates separation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva from Supreme body (Para Brahma) after his death.

Life after death

From the previous chapters, 7 life’s of human being, we can understand that a male human under goes 1 male human, 1 male animal, 1 tree, 1 female human, 1 female animal, 1 tree life and in 7th life again will born as male human and vice versa with female human.

1 Best examples

The above thing can be understood by considering best examples from ancient Indian scriptures.

Example 1

Story of Daksha Yagna.

As per ancient Indian scriptures, Daksha, Father of Sati was killed by Veerabhadra (Avatar of Shiva) in Daksha Yagna.After his death with the help of Lord Shiva, he was again reborn with Goat head. From this we can understand that, after death of human,a person should lead animal life.

Example 2

Story of Lord Ganesha. 

Lord Ganesh

Even in story of Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesha was once in human body form. After death by Lord Shiva, he was again reborn with elephant head. From this example also we can understand that a human should lead animal life after his death.

From the chapter, Is our planet Earth died 3 times, best wall clock, we can understand that there are two Universes. One is visible and other is invisible.

From the chapter Living beings comparison with geometry, we can understand that the died humans souls will become investors for life forms like animals, birds, fishes, amphibians etc living beings on two planet Earths of two Universes.

Example 3

Childhood story of Lord Krishna uprooting two trees.

Lordkrishna during his childhood uprooted two trees from which gods appeared.From this we can understand that Gods who live in planet Heaven after their death will come to earth for taking punishments and their souls will become investors of plants ,animals etc living beings on planet earth.


So death of human body is separation of souls, separation of Ganga and separation of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva from Body.

After human death, souls will go and take animals, birds ,plants etc, living beings bodies and their souls will become investors for life forms on planet earth.

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