Where is Vaikuntha|4 steps

vaikuntha loka outide or inside solar system

Where is Vaikuntha loka located  as per Ancient Scriptures .Calculating its distance from Earth using Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion in 4 steps.

Location of Vaikuntha loka as per ancient Scriptures

As per ancient Scriptures the place where Human’s live is called Bhuloka or Earth .,

Days and years of Humans

For Humans 1 year = 365.256 Days and the Planet Earth to revolve around the Sun takes 365.256 Days.

The place where Vishnu live is called Vishnu loka or Vaikuntha.

Years of Vishnu

  • 1 year for Vishnu is equal to 4.32 Million Human years =4320000*365.256= 1,57,79,05,920 Human days

So,1 year for Vishnu = 1,57,79,05,920 Days and the time taken by Planet where Vishnu (Vaikuntha Loka) to revolve around the sun is 1,57,79,05,920 Days

 ( Human years are related to Earth’s revolution time around the sun and Vishnu’s years are related to Human Years. So the location where Vishnu’s live(Vaikuntha loka) should also revolve around the Sun)

Calculating distance of Vaikuntha Loka from Sun in 4 steps

Vishnu loka average distance from Sun can be calculated using Kepler’s Law of planetary motion.

Relation between distance and days as per Kepler’s law,and is given by: log(D) = 3/2 log (k) – 0.7,where k in millions km distance, The number of days for a planet for revolving around the Sun is given by D

For Planet Earth ,D=365.256 days ,

So for Vishnu loka D= 4320000*365.256 = 1,57,79,05,920 Days

So average distance of Vishnu loka from Sun : log (1,57,79,05,920) =3/2 log(k)-0.7

  •  log(1,57,79,05,920) + 0.7 = 3/2 log(k),
  •  log(k) = 2/3(9.19808+0.7)=6.59872,where log(1,57,79,05,920)= 9.19808
  •  So k = 106.59872  =3969355.531
  •  So distance of Vikunta loka from Sun is 3969355.531 millions km.     (Part-A)

Solar system planets distances from sun

Average distance of Planet Earth from Sun is 149.645 millions km. ………..( Part B)

Farthest planet of our solar system,Planet Neptune average distance from Sun is 4495 millions km.

Calculating distance of Vaikuntha loka from Earth

Distance of Earth from Sun as per part B=149.645 millions km.    

From (Part-A) Average distance of Vikunta loka from Sun= 3969355.531 millions km.

Average Distance of Vikunta loka from Earth = 3969355.531 – 149.645=3969205.886 million km

So average Distance of Vikunta Loka from planet Earth is 3969205.886  millions km.   

Where is Vaikuntha loka located ?Inside or outside of our Solar system?? 

From Part A we can understand that Vikunta loka is 3969355.531 millions km from the Sun

So from Part A, Part B we can understand that Vikunta loka is located outside of our Solar system and it is at a distance of 3969205.886   millions km from Planet Earth


With the help of ancient scriptures and by using Kepler’s laws we can understand that Vishnu loka is located outside of our Solar system.

So as per ancient scripture,If we see the other Planets, stars, clusters etc present  outside of our Solar System and at the average distance of 3969355.531 millions km from the Sun and at the average distance of 3969205.886 millions km from Earth we can find the location of the  Vishnu loka.

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