Where Human fate decided |1 best example

human fate

Let us understand about where human fate decided, life span as per ancient scriptures with 1 best example.

Human fate, life cycle before death

human fate

Let us consider a male M1 born to some parents say P1,P2 and female F1 born to some parents say P3,P4. Male M1 and female F1 got married and after some months, female F1 got pregnant and give birth to baby boy, say B1.

From the chapter 3 parallel worlds, parallel universes we can understand that humans after marriage, after childbirth, they live in combined World of W1,W2,W3,i.e W4 and combined Universe of U1,U2,U3 i.e U4 and after childbirth both male (husband) and female(wife) will live in imaginary womb of male.

We know from past chapters about soul structure, three are three types of souls 1.Postive soul, 2.Negative Soul and 3.Ultimate(Brahma) souls and these souls are subdivided into positive,negative harmful and positive,negative harmless souls.

1 best example

Front the chapter Human body at nano atomic level, we can understand that male body M1 consists of 1/2 positive soul of male and 1/2 negative soul of female and female body F1 consists of 1/2 positive soul of female and 1/2 negative soul of male and 1/2 ultimate soul of male and 1/2 ultimate of female unite to become full star and this is the reason in Hindu dharma, Arundhati star will be shown which is the symbol for perfect couple and This is 1 best example and this also represents that about 1/2 ultimate souls of male and female unite to become a Star after their marriage .

Human life cycle inside mother womb

From above discussion we can understand that Human body consists of positive ,negative, ultimate souls ,This represents one Hydrogen isotope, Deuterium (H2)atom with one proton, one neutron at nucleus and one electron outside.

Deuterium atom

Humans live on planet earth and planet earth rotates about it’s own axis and also revolve around the Sun. But humans on planet earth doesn’t feel the rotation and revolution of earth. So from this we can understand that human body is surrounded by counter souls of positive and negative soul,Ultimate souls to make resultant energy zero.

So if we consider internal invisible parts of body as positive soul and Ultimate souls (positive charged protons,zero charged neutrons) layer and external visible part of body as negative soul(negative charged electrons) layer then to counter react and to make resultant energy zero and to make neutral, again outer external visible body is covered by two more layers negative soul (negative charged bodies) and positive soul,Ultimate souls (protons positive charged bodies and neutrons zero charged bodies ) and because of these counter souls we don’t feel rotation and revolution of planet Earth.

So from above discussion we can understand that Human body consists of two positive souls, two negative souls and 2 ultimate souls and this represents Helium atom which consists of 2 electrons(negative souls),2 protons, 2 neutrons at the nucleus and star consists of helium atoms.

The above discussion can be compared to our planet Earth, moon and Sun,stars,etc present inour Universe.

From the book Business school written by Robert Kiyosaki, outer world what we see is just the reflection of inner world.

So what we see outside of our planet Earth, I mean moon, sun, planets of solar system, stars, galaxies are just reflection of inner world present on planet earth and by observing Shiva Linga in Shiva temple we can understand that our present earth is inside Parvathi womb and present Universe is inside planet earth ,inside womb of Parvathi.

As per ancient scriptures, movement of Navagrahas ,stars decides the fate of humans on planet earth and planet Earth, Neptune and Uranus are not part of Navagrahas but they are part of Solar system and navagrahas ,stars,outer planets are in form of energy.

So if we name all navagrahas, planets, stars ,Sun as one Brahma Soul energy (Ultimate Soul) and if we name the baby inside parvathi womb as Bhoomi (planet Earth).

So inside (Bhoomi) planet we have Ultimate (Brahma) soul and with help of Brahma soul, inside mother womb baby will write his/her fate and baby spends 9 to 10 months in mother womb.

So baby in 9 to 10 months will come to know about his/her future, ie 100 years and completes100 years of carrier in just 9 to 10 months and when the baby born and when the Umbilical cord cut, the baby will forget all the information of his/her 100 years fate and starts the new life and repeats what have done in motherwomb ( 9 or 10 months ) .and external mother womb world is just the reflection of inner world.

So inner world, W3,Universe U3 ,I mean, 9 or 10 months of baby in mother womb ,World 3,(Universe 3)is equal to 100 years in combined World (W4),combined Universe (U4)

So what the babies, child hood life , school life, college life, graduation life, marriage life, about childrens etc until death,i mean complete birth to death history of that baby will come to know before only ,i. e when baby is in mother womb and forgets everything when embilical cord cut and when baby come out in to planet earth and baby repeats again what was done in mother womb again, I mean childhood life, school life, college life, graduation life, marriage life, etc until death and cycle of birth and death continues.

So female body Pavrathi have 2 ultimate souls(2 neutrons) , 2 positive souls (2 protons) at the nucleus and two negative soul (electrons) which represents Helium atom and generally stars consists of Hydrogen and Helium gases.

Helium atom

When the baby is in mother womb ,the baby also have half souls of positive and negative souls.

So when baby is in mother womb, parvathi body have 3 positive souls(three protons) ,3 ultimate souls (3 neutrons) and 3 negative souls (3 electrons ) and this represents Lithium atom and Lithium ion are used in batteries. So this is the reason why females can give birth to child’s and this is how life span,fate of child is decided in mother womb.

Lithium atom

If we name the planet Earth as positive soul (protons ) and moon as negative soul (electron) and this represents of one Hydrogen atom (one proton at nucleus and one electron outside)

Human fate -Hydrogen atom

Outside of moon, i.e sun, other planets in solar system, stars, galaxies etc. as Ultimate soul (neutron), Protons ,neutrons are binded in nucleus then this represents hydrogen isotope (Deuterium).

But on planet earth (positive soul) we have plants, animals, birds,repltiles ,humans etc. living beings are there. Outer world is just reflection of inner world. So all the plants, animals, birds, humans etc. living beings living on planet earth represent stars, Sun’s, Navagraha’s ,other planets etc. ,I mean they are just reflection of living and dead living beings. They are Ultimate Souls(Brahma Soul) and from the chapter Lord Brahma a human, we can learn that on planet earth human born from mother womb are Brahmas.

Conclusion :

So from the above discussion we can understand that male and Female before marriage will represent Helium atom and when female during pregnancy will represent Lithium atom and this is why female in mother womb can able to produce life by charging batteries (energizing positive soul, negative souls) of the baby in mother womb like we use lithium in batteries.

Inside mother womb fate and life span will be designed with the help of Ultimate (Brahma) soul and all the planets, Stars etc. in the Universe are just reflections of Living and died humans and each star also represents Vamsa-vruksha (A Tree of each Dynasty)

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